Pottery village in Vietnam.

I am a ceramicist based out of Austin, TX.

I started my journey at a community college in my hometown the summer following my high school graduation. I immediately fell in love with clay after I took my first ceramics course, and made it my main focus. I studied art and design at the University of North Texas, and finished my education at Texas State University.

My shop name, Red Planet Pottery, originates from an obsession with science fiction I had through the duration of my childhood. After reading Ray Bradbury’s novel, Martian Chronicles, I used to mentally pretend that I was alone on another planet (Mars) when I would get momentarily stressed out. It was my “happy place” if you will, and as an adult, I now consider pottery to be my happy place.

Every vessel is created, glazed and fired in my small home studio, which is coincidentally one of my favorite places to spend an entire day. I dabble with various styles/techniques, and my own personal technique is ever-changing.

I’m not what you would consider a “production potter”, I thrive off of experimentation and the monotony of production pottery has never been appealing to me. Each piece is different and is ALWAYS special to me. I may make something similar to another piece, but they will never exactly the same.

There is a beautiful feeling while holding and using a functional, handmade piece of pottery. Using my pottery in your day to day life is immensely important to me, and the glazes/clay bodies I use are strong enough to withstand food and potted plants.

I hope my ceramics will give you as much warmth and happiness as they have given me.

Commissioned Inquiries:

Orders will have a turnaround time of about 2-4 weeks depending on size of order.

For questions, or if you just want to shoot the sh*t, email me at RedPlanetPottery@gmail.com.

Instagram: Redplanetpottery